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GSoC Rejection

As mentioned in the previous post, I applied for GSoC 2016 under OpenAstronomy, but my proposal was rejected.
I gave my best effort to the community and my GSoC proposal, but in the end, it wasn’t sufficient. I really felt heartbroken after the result but as they say

Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.

Here are some lessons I learnt from this rejection:

  • Always try to apply in 2-3 organizations, giving your best in each and every one. Because no matter how hard and excellent your work is, things could go south because of many reasons like fewer slots, good competition etc.
  • Try to ask for feedback from your mentors. I asked for feedback from my mentor and he mentioned that they need students who could write mostly correct code and could work without less feedback and help from mentors. I think the main culprit for me was this pull request #4551 in which I wasn’t able to completely understand the reviewer’s intent and needed more feedback and time of the mentor.
    • This means that I need to improve upon code quality and learn more of internal details in Python rather than just basic working details. I am currently working on it.
    • But anyways I think using this as an argument based on the limited interaction between mentor and student, to reject the student is not good enough, as GSoC is meant for students, not professionals and things like this(code quality) are meant to improve gradually not stay the same.
  • Don’t take the rejection personally.

Hopefully, I would reapply next year with more hard work, excellent proposal and get selected.